Thursday, June 28, 2007

Motu proprio

The Holy Father will release a motu proprio very soon concerning the use of the classical rite in the Church. As I was born in Quebec after Vatican II, I never had any exposure to the latin rite. I have always attended mass with the Novus Ordo, popular songs and guitars and banners and hand-clapping. However, I am quite fascinated by the old rite, by latin, the language of the Church. It is for this mass that so many saints died and didn't St. Edith Stein sit down on the front pew, everyday, awed by this Liturgy? There is some fear about the old rite: it has been presented to me as a child as...dark and irrelevant. On the other hand, the churches of my youth are now empty.
In my current parish church, the Holy Mass is in the Novus Ordo and we have a dedicated priest. Young, devout families are breathing new life in our church. But sometimes, I yearn for more...more beauty (I am no fan of banners), more reverence and more than the "Glory and Praise"... Saint Francois de Sales wrote that: "Exterior reverence is a great aid to the interior".
The Holy Father is enriching the Church by this motu proprio and this can only be a good thing for all.

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